Reklamasi Tude

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With just a piece of bamboo, these people are used  to dive in a salty water of Losari Beach Makassar.  “This is my job. This is the only job that I can do,” said Daeng Ngawing. And then he dived and surfaced with bivalve in his hands, local people called this bivalve “Tude”. He usually dives for eight hours to collect seven can ofa tude. Average price per can is usually IDR 12.500 which is less than 1 dollar. Before the reclamation project, he was able to collect 10 cans of tude. In fact, he was only need two-hour dive to collect 10 cans of tude.

Daeng Ngawing and Daeng Rate are local people who are still rely on tude fish search; a type of sea shells that become favourite meal for local people in Makassar. And yet, since the reclamation project started in year 2000 along with the construction of modern shopping centres, five star hotels, and a giant project of Center Point of Indonesia, the area to seek mackerel has become narrow. Apparently, it was the only area in Makassar City where you can dive for tude and this is also another reason why the number of tude production reduce drastically. Daeng Awing and Daeng Rate is several of hundreds local people who are still rely on this tude and they are still exist today in very small numbers.